Blog 'exposes' men who go to Geylang

IF you go to Geylang often, is it for the yummy food or - wink, wink - something else? No matter, your face could suddenly be featured on a blog that's seemingly set up to shame men who head to the red light district.

The blog carries pictures of men walking along the streets of Geylang - with budget hotels and women in tight shorts or skirts in the background.

From information provided on the blog, the founder seems to be a woman who suffered the consequences of a loved one who succumbed to the vices on offer in Geylang.

Her mission statement declares: "This Singapore Website serves the purpose of checking cheating Singaporean men in Geylang. Pictures will be posted here to monitor who went to geylang daily. (sic)"

Based on a picture on the blog, the founder has long black hair, but most of her face is obscured.

On her motivation for setting up the blog, she wrote in less than perfect English: "We are a dedicated team of private investigators whom do up this as a FREE service to the ladies out there in singapore...

"A list of car plate numbers will also be filmed down for you to validate your hubby's claim of doing overtime."

Below the picture of the author are these words: "To prevent others from suffering the same thing as me, this website and team is gathered by me."

In the often anonymous world of the Internet, it's hard to tell whether all this is the unvarnished truth.

The New Paper on Sunday tried to contact the author by leaving her a message on the site on Friday evening, but she had not responded by press time.

But even if her motives are altruistic in trying to expose men who cheat on their loved ones, is her approach fair?

Several of the pictures on the blog, which date back to July, are just of men walking on Geylang streets.

They could have been there for a variety of reasons, apart from seeking pleasures of the flesh. Some may even be living in the area.

Dr Egwin Yeo, a 33-year-old dentist who frequents Geylang for supper at least once every three months, said: "(The site) is not being fair. It's silly.

"How can she assume that every man there is a sex patron and every woman there is a prostitute? "What about people who go there for the frog leg porridge and claypot rice? She's not being fair to the food business owners too."

Mr Fu Zhiming, 27, an administrative executive, said: "There is nothing wrong in going to Geylang.

If I am there for the food and get caught on camera, that's just unlucky. But it won't stop me from having supper there because my conscience is clear."

Perhaps food lovers can take some comfort in the fact that the pictures on the website are of low quality and the faces shown are not very clear or have been digitised to hide their identities.

That's done on purpose, claims the author, who wrote: "Quality of photos are purposely reduced. If you suspect that guy is your husband or bf (boyfriend), email us."

Has this site been helpful to women with cheating partners?

Again, it's hard to say for sure because very few comments were left on the site, which was set up in July according to the site archive.

Netizen "Theodore" wrote: "Keep up the good work. It's time we expose those Singaporean men walking on the streets."

But the author claimed that she had received hate mail, too. She wrote: "...ever since being published, (the site has) been faced with threatening e-mails to ask us not to find cheating men in geylang.

"But, we remain (in) our stance about this and hope to provide... the ladies in Singapore free private investigating services."

She then asks for donations to support her cause by writing: "...ever since threatening e-mails have been sent to us, some of the team actually left us and take away the expensive cameras used to take all these shots.

"(the) team hopes that any amount of donation will be appreciated by the ladies, women, gf, wives in order to support us.

"We do not know how long can we stand, hope that kind souls are still around to support us monetary."

Below the solicitation is a link for people to make donations using their credit cards.

Mr Tan Cheng Kiong, 46, a lawyer from CK Tan & Company, said there's nothing illegal about putting up the pictures, especially because the faces of the men are not shown clearly.

"Anybody can take photos of others walking along the streets," he said.

However, Mr Tan added that the author's act of soliciting for donations may land her on the wrong side of the law if she has not obtained a permit to do so.

This site brings to mind another blog, which The New Paper reported on in May. Its web address alludes to prostitutes at work, with a title that says: "Hunting Season - play, prey, pray".

That blog featured more than 100 pictures of drivers allegedly being approached in their cars by sexily dressed women at night. And their vehicle licence plates were clearly visible in most, if not all, of the pictures.

There were also close-ups of the women, some skimpily dressed.

That blog can now be accessed only by invitation.

- The New Paper

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