Man jailed four weeks for molesting teen in a taxi

A hotel call operator who molested a 15-year-old girl while they were inside a taxi was jailed for four weeks on Friday.

A medical report stated that the victim, a secondary school student, was so traumatised by the incident that she is afraid of big-sized men and tries to avoid them.

In the dock was burly Samir Singh Aulakh, 34, who pleaded guilty to molesting the victim when they were inside the taxi travelling from Kampong Bahru Road to Lower Delta Road at 7.45am on Aug 30, 2013.

A district court heard the victim was walking along a sheltered pathway when Samir approached her from behind and asked "How are you?". He had done this previously and she had ignored him. This time, she replied: "I'm okay.''

When Samir found out that she was on her way to school and taking a taxi, he said he would follow her as he was going to a place near her school.

She flagged down a taxi and he followed her to the back seat.

While seated close to her, he felt the urge to kiss her and placed his right arm over her shoulder and pulled her closer to him. He repeatedly asked her to give him a kiss and a hug but she refused.

Despite this, he persisted in his advances and continued to pressure the victim to give him a kiss on the cheek.

Afraid, the victim moved closer with the intention of kissing him on the cheek. But he deliberately turned his head to kiss her on the lips. He then apologised to her.

A while later, he asked her to kiss him again. Despite her refusal, he kissed her.

The court heard that he next wanted to touch her on the thighs and asked if he could place his hand on her legs but she replied in the negative. He proceeded to place his right hand on her knee. Throughout the entire incident, his arm was over her shoulder.

After both had alighted, he warned her not to tell anyone. The victim subsequently broke down in tears in school, and her parents were informed.

Seeking a short custodial sentence, Deputy Public Prosecutor Gabriel Choong said the offence was pre-meditated, long drawn-out and deliberate. It occurred in the confines of the taxi and the victim felt trapped, he said.

Mr S. Balamurugan said his client, whose wife is expecting their first child in a few months, deeply regrets his foolish actions, which has brought shame and embarrassment to him and his entire family.

Samir could have been jailed for up to two years, fined, caned or received any combined punishment.

- The Straits Times


Man jailed 15 years for raping 12-year-old girl

A middle-aged man was sentenced to 15 years in jail today (Feb 11) by the High Court for repeatedly raping his then-girlfriend’s daughter, who was 12 years old at the time.

The Singaporean man, now 50, was charged with Aggravated Statutory Rape on April 1 last year. Throughout the course of the trial, the court heard that the offences had caused the victim, now 18 years old, to suffer from nightmares and trust issues. TODAY is not naming the parties involved to protect the victim’s identity.

The victim first met the man when she was a toddler in 2000. She and her mother had moved to Singapore after her mother gained employment here. The culprit, at that time, was married to another woman, who had helped the victim’s mother find a flat to rent in Circuit Road.

Not long after, the culprit began an affair with the victim’s mother and moved in with them. The court heard that all three would sleep on the same bed.

During the day, the man would look after the victim while her mother was at work. The victim, who called the man “daddy”, said she was afraid of him due to his bad temper.

One afternoon, sometime between March and June 2009, the victim — then in Primary School — was alone in the flat with the culprit. The court heard that he approached the victim while she was resting on the bed and began touching her intimately despite her protests.

He then proceeded to rape her. When she complained of pain, he told her that it was normal for girls to feel pain the first time they have sexual intercourse.

He raped her again sometime between June and October 2009.

Two years later, the victim was brought to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital after experiencing recurring rashes and growths at her private part area. Further investigations by social workers brought the rape incidents to light. The victim then lodged a police report against the man, who at the time of his arrest was working as an industrial technician. The victim said she did not lodge a police report earlier out of fear of being beaten.

A psychiatric assessment by Dr Bernadine Woo of the Child Guidance Clinic, revealed that the victim has been feeling sad, irritable and angry since the rape incidents.

- TODAY newspaper

Man molests student, hours after being fined for setting fire to neighbour's clothes

Less than a day after being fined $2,000 for setting fire to his neighbour's clothes, an unemployed man diagnosed with having "poor impulse control" molested a 14-year-old girl in a lift.

Phui Jun Ming, 22, followed the student into it and squeezed her breast as the lift was ascending.

On Tuesday, Phui was sentenced to nine months in jail and ordered to be given one stroke of the cane after pleading guilty to outraging his victim's modesty in the early hours of June 13 last year.

His total jail term comes to a year and includes punishment for setting fire to a stack of newspapers at a staircase landing a week earlier.

Phui also pleaded guilty to touching a 28-year-old woman's leg through her bedroom window from a common corridor. A further charge, of molesting a 31-year-old woman in a lift on May 25, 2014, was taken into consideration.

Community Court Judge Mathew Joseph noted a medical report that said Phui was not suffering from any mental disorder but had intelligence in the borderline low range. This predisposes him to poor impulse control and loss of judgment, the report said.

On June 12 last year, Phui was fined $2,000 after pleading guilty to mischief in the corridor of Block 502, Jelapang Road on Dec 22, 2013. Then a waiter at karaoke chain K-Box, he had used his lighter to spark clothes hanging on a pole to "destress" after a shift. He was also ordered to pay $150 in compensation to his neighbours for the damage caused to their property, which included other items from another charge.

In 2006, Phui was convicted of outrage of modesty and placed on 24 months' probation.

He will start serving his sentence on Feb 24, after the judge granted his request to defer this to after the Chinese New Year holidays. He is out on $15,000 bail.

For each count of molestation, he could have been jailed for up to two years, fined and caned.

- The Straits Times


Underage sex on the rise in Singapore, say social workers

More teenagers are becoming sexually active - with an increasing number thinking that it is normal for them to have sex, social workers say.

Figures from the State Courts show a steady growth in the number of cases of sex with a minor - that is, sex with a girl under 16, which is a crime even if she gives her consent.

Last year, there were 76 cases of the offence, down from 89 in 2013, but still an increase from 63 in 2012 and 36 in 2011.

At the Youth Court - which deals with children and youth under 16 years - there were four cases of youths charged last year with having sex with another minor, and five cases of assault with the intent of molest.

Social workers told The Straits Times that young people are typically referred to counsellors for behavioural problems but, during counselling, they sometimes open up on their sexual experiences.

Ms Lena Teo, assistant director of counselling at the Children-at-Risk Empowerment Association (Care Singapore), said: "I've seen roughly 20 per cent more underage sex cases over the years. Nowadays, teens are more tech-savvy and some lack parental control. They are more experimental because of curiosity and hormones raging at that age. It could also be peer pressure."

Mr Lam Wai Mun, a senior counsellor at Touch Cyber Wellness, noted that underage sex is a common issue.

"Some in primary school are also watching pornography, which is damaging because they form unhealthy perceptions," he said.

The younger generation is also more open to having sex at an early age, according to Mr Trevor Xie, former director of Children's Wishing Well, a charity for underprivileged children and youth.

"They don't see losing their virginity as a loss. They see sexual experience as a gain," he said.

Mr Xie added that they are usually willing parties, and are looking for love.

Ms Rachel Lee, senior assistant director of Fei Yue Family Service Centres, said the Internet has an impact on their views on sex as they may be exposed to "undesirable material" online.

"In the last five years or so, there has been an increase in such cases. There are those who engage in underage sex but are just not caught yet," said Ms Lee.

"This affects their studies and some may get pregnant and drop out of school," she said, adding that "a lot of them are not ready to take on the responsibility".

Experts said parents play an important part in ensuring that their children grow up with the right values.

Ms Gracia Goh, head of the Singapore Children's Society's youth centre in Jurong, advised parents to talk to their children about sex and take note of any inappropriate behaviour. Parents should also look for "teachable moments" when they can have discussions with their children about what they are watching or hearing, added Ms Goh.

If necessary, they can block access to websites with sexually explicit material.

Dr Adrian Wang, a psychiatrist in private practice, advised: "Have a close and healthy relationship with your children, so that they'll feel comfortable asking you questions, and you'll know who their friends are and what they've been up to.

"Peer influence is a powerful thing, and many kids are clever enough to go under the radar and hide their activities from you."

- The Straits Times


Man sentenced to jail, cane for molesting stranger during New Year's Day festivities

Taking advantage of the festive mood, a construction worker molested a stranger on New Year's Day this year.

Parthiban Pandu hugged his 44-year-old victim from behind, and she thought it was just a friend. He squeezed her breasts as she was turning around to see who it was, and swiped his hand against her private part area before she could react.

On Monday, Parthiban, who is from India, was sentenced to 10 months in jail and ordered to be given three strokes of the cane. The 24-year-old pleaded guilty to outraging his victim's modesty just after midnight on Jan 1.

The court heard that the incident took place in a recreation centre for foreign workers in Soon Lee Road, in Boon Lay.

As he drank with a friend at the carpark, Parthiban noticed more than 50 people celebrating the new year at the coffeeshop in the centre. He entered the coffeeshop, where the victim and others were spraying confetti. He then molested her.

During police investigations, Parthiban said he had acted "out of fun and celebration".

Assistant Public Prosecutor Koh Huimin told the court this showed Parthiban was unremorseful. Highlighting police statistics, Ms Koh said there had been 1,367 molest cases in 2014, a 3.2 per cent increase from the 1,325 in 2013.

Pleading for leniency, Parthiban said he was the sole breadwinner in his family. He added that it had been 40 days since he was able to call his mother, who had recently undergone surgery on her stomach and is not well. He said the victim was of his mother's age.

Parthiban could have been jailed for up to two years, fined and caned.

- The Straits Times


Factory worker jailed nine months for molesting colleague

A factory worker who grabbed a colleague and groped her breast after she asked him to open a door with his security card was jailed for nine months on Friday.

The 27-year-old Chinese national was working in Yishun last Nov 14 when he used criminal force to outrage the 22-year-old's modesty.

The court heard that the victim, a Malaysian, wanted to leave the workplace at about 8pm. As she had recently joined the company, her security card had not yet been activated and she wanted help to exit the premises.

The accused, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was the only other person left in the factory and she sought his help to open the door.

He told her he was waiting for his mobile phone to charged so she stood beside him and waited.

The man then held onto her waist with his left hand. She pushed him away and tried to leave but he grabbed her hand and pulled her onto his lap.

The woman struggled and managed to break free but fell. She got up and proceeded to her own office.

The accused followed her and squeezed her breast from behind. She managed to break free and shouted at him. He eventually opened the door for her and she left.

She reported the matter to the company the next day and her supervisor called the police.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Kenny Yang, who sought a prison sentence of nine to 10 months, told District Judge Imran Abdul Hamid that the accused persisted despite the victim's protest and struggle. He said there was some element of restraint and confinement.

Counsel Gordon Lim said the victim has forgiven his client who later tried to apologise.

The accused, whose sentence was backdated to Nov 17 last year, could have been jailed for up to two years, fined, caned or received any combined punishment.

- The Straits Times

Man admits to organising commercial child sex tour overseas

A 31-year-old man facing more than 100 charges has become the first to be convicted of organising a commercial sex tour overseas and distributing information intended to promote paid sex with a minor outside Singapore.

Chan Chun Hong pleaded guilty on Friday to seven counts of transmitting obscene materials by electronic means, one count of making travel plans, three counts of distributing information to promote commercial sex, and one of having obscene films.

Another 133 charges, mostly for transmitting obscene materials, will be considered when he is sentenced.

Following a tip-off from the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2013, Chan, also known as Chris, was arrested at Changi Airport on March 1 last year.

Information received suggested he had engaged in child sex tourism in countries such as Indonesia, Cambodia and the Philippines.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Yang Ziliang said Chan was addicted to child pornography and had started to source online for platforms to obtain such materials. He also communicated with others to trade and exchange materials online and started a new e-mail address to do this in 2011.

Investigations showed that he saved his collections of child pornography in his portable hard disk and transmitted it to other users in exchange for new material between Dec 2, 2011 and Sept 6, 2012.

The obscene photographs and videos included naked or half-naked young girls in various sexual acts and poses. Some appeared to be as young as two.

Mr Yang said Chan first contacted one "Mike Timothy" in May 2012, to trade pictures and videos of young girls, .

He visited Mike Timothy in the Philippines in early 2013 to photograph young girls in sexy poses.

From Nov 24, 2013, police used a decoy moniker "Teo Dennis" to investigate possible offences against Chan for commercial sex with minors outside Singapore.

Chan subsequently booked air tickets for Teo and himself to travel to the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh to have sex with under-18 girls after Teo had transferred $1,000 to him in February last year.

The planned trip, from April 1 to 4 that year, involved going to karaoke lounges in Phnom Penh to select young girls for sex, and if they were "more adventurous", to the more rural areas to search for even younger girls.

The prosecution is seeking a jail sentence of at least six years for Chan, whose lawyer Rajan Nair asked that the case be adjourned to Feb 16.

The maximum penalty for taking a tour outside Singapore for commercial sex with a minor is 10 years' jail and a fine on each charge.

- The Straits Times


Man who took upskirt video at MRT station gets three weeks' jail

A man who took an upskirt video of a woman on an escalator at an MRT station was jailed for three weeks on Thursday.

Kelvin Tan Choon Siang, 35, a driver, pleaded guilty to insulting the modesty of the 30-year-old woman at Mountbatten MRT station on March 12 last year.

The court heard that the woman was on the ascending escalator at the MRT station when she felt something brushed against her legs.

She turned around and saw Tan walking past her and holding onto a mobile phone.

Feeling something was amiss, she confronted Tan, who admitted to taking an upskirt video of her for his own personal viewing.

At her request, he deleted the video from his phone. The woman called the police.

Another charge of peeping under the skirt of a woman was taken into consideration during his sentencing.

Tan has previous convictions for unlicensed moneylending offences in 2003 and 2011.

He could have been jailed for up to one year and/or fined for insulting modesty.

- The Straits Times

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