Married man lured girl, 14, to his home for sex

A married man who met a 14-year-old girl on Facebook and lured her to his home for sex barely 24 hours later was jailed for 20 months on Tuesday.

Former information technology professional Sachin Pravin Dere, 39, pleaded guilty to three out of five charges of sex with a minor.

Dere used a photo of himself with a dog as his profile picture and sent the youngster a friend request on October 14 last year.

While exchanging private messages he invited her to his Flora Drive condominium to play with his dogs the next day.

After playing with them for a while, he sat with the girl on the sofa, put his arm around her and began to kiss her.

He later took her to his bedroom where they had unprotected sex, and then to the bathroom where he also abused her before she said she wanted to stop.

A week later he invited her to his place a second time and sexually abused her again.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Delicia Tan, who sought a total sentence of 20 to 24 months, said: "The manner in which the accused befriended the minor and swiftly advanced to lure the minor to his house on the pretext of inviting her to play with his dogs showed a conscious, deliberate and systematic pattern of offending."

Dere, whose wife was in court, could have been jailed for up to 10 years and/or fined on each charge.

- The Straits Times


Primary school Chinese teacher charged with sexually assaulting girl, 12

A primary school Chinese teacher accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl appeared in court on Monday to face four charges.

Du Tao, 35, allegedly penetrated the girl with his fingers at a flat in Punggol last March.

He also faces three charges of sexual exploitation of a child, after he allegedly tried to kiss and hug her, touch her breasts and perform a sex act on her. He is also accused of trying to make her perform a sex act on him.

His case was adjourned to July 13 as Du said he intended to hire a lawyer. He is currently out on $15,000 bail.

For sexual penetration of a minor, he faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine. For sexual exploitation of a child, he faces up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

- The Straits Times


Serial upskirt offender gets 36 weeks for multiple counts of insulting modesty

A serial upskirt offender who also filmed multiple videos of his tenant showering since 2010 was sentenced to 36 weeks' jail on Monday.

Sng Qi Zhi, 26, has been taking upskirt videos since 2007. He faced a total of 247 charges of insulting the modesty of women, 47 of which were committed after he was charged in court last November for the first 200 offences.

He pleaded guilty to 10 counts.

A court heard that Sng was arrested at Bugis+ mall at Victoria Street on Dec 18, 2012 for taking upskirt videos earlier at Bugis Junction.

Police raided his flat in Bedok and seized his mobile phone which contained 36 upskirt videos, as well as a desktop containing 1,852 upskirt videos and 76 videos of people showering.

Sng admitted to having taken multiple upskirt videos since 2007. He would target females who wore short skirts, placing his phone underneath the skirt of the targeted females as he walked past or stood behind them.

He also admitted to having taken multiple videos of his 32-year-old female tenant while she was showering in the common toilet of his home. He would place his phone on top of the toilet door without the victim's knowledge to record the video.

After he was charged in court, he went on to commit further insulting modesty cases in Daiso store at Plaza Singapura on Dec 19. Two of the 47 charges happened on an escalator at an unknown location.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Chin Jincheng sought a sentence of at least nine months, citing several aggravating factors.

He said Sng's offences involved the use of technology, and the proliferation of technology has led to a rise in such offences. He also mentioned the risk of dissemination of such videos on the Internet, the five-year span of his offences, and the harm done to a large number of victims.

Lawyer Louis Joseph said his client is pursuing his studies at the Singapore Institute of Management. He said Sng took proactive steps by attending counselling to address concerns and and issues pertaining to his life.

He successfully applied for Sng to defer sentence until July 6. Bail of $15,000 was offered.

Sng could have been jailed for up to one year and/or fined for insulting modesty.

- The Straits Times


72-year-old jailed one year for molesting maid

A 72-year-old man claimed that he was a doctor and instructed a maid to strip for health examination.

Chia Fook Kun later molested the 23-year-old maid, who was in his care as she was being investigated for stealing from her previous employer.

He was given one year in jail on Friday on one count of outrage of modesty, while two other charges were taken into consideration.

The court heard that Chia works part-time for a maid agency and would send domestic helpers from one location to another. He would also put up maids in his Jalan Minyak flat as and when required. On Nov 13 last year, the victim - who cannot be named because of a gag order - was arrested because she was caught stealing. Her agency had arranged for Chia to bail her out and to take custody of her during investigations.

The victim later asked Chia to help her as she did not want to go to jail.

Three days later, Chia lied to the victim that he was a doctor and showed her some photos and certificates on his computer to trick her into believing him.

After "examining" her with a blood pressure device and a stethoscope, he told her she was in poor health and he wanted to apply some cream on her chest.

Chia then made her go to the bedroom and remove her shirt and bra, before applying the cream on her breasts. He later unbuttoned her jeans but was interrupted by a phone call. While he was answering the phone, the victim dressed herself and left the room. She later made a police report.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) James Low called for a sentence of a year. He noted that Chia was also convicted of outrage of modesty in 2001 and was jailed for 15 months then. DPP Low added that the victim was vulnerable and Chia took advantage of her fear.

Another aggravating factor was the "significant degree of deception and premeditation" as Chia claimed he was a doctor and even produced documents to trick the victim though he was not medically trained, said DPP Low. "If not for his age, the prosecution would have sought a stiffer sentence."

Chia's lawyer Louis Joseph said that his client is in poor health and regretted his actions. He asked for a lighter sentence.

District Judge Liew Thiam Leng sentenced Chia to a year in jail, after considering the two other charges and his previous conviction. Chia asked to defer his sentence for two weeks and the judge raised his bail from $5,000 to $15,000.

He could have been jailed up to two years and fined.

- The Straits Times


YouTube star arrested after trying to blackmail teen over nude photos

A local YouTube personality has been nabbed for criminal intimidation. Toh Yifan, 18, better known as Tzire, a rapper, was arrested on Wednesday after a woman made a police report against him for attempting to blackmail her with her nude photos.

The woman, an 18-year-old freelance make-up artist, told The New Paper on Sunday (TNPS) she met Tzire on Facebook in January. "He added me (as a friend) and asked me to like his page, and we starting chatting from there," she said.

She said he invited her to his home on April 22. There, she said they both agreed to play strip poker, which led to both of them removing all their clothes and her performing a sex act on him after losing a bet.

The woman said he made her a snack before she went home. On May 4, Tzire contacted the girl, asking for a loan of $120, but she refused. According to messages on her mobile phone which she showed TNPS, he claimed he owed money to loan sharks.

On Wednesday, he contacted her again, asking to borrow $150. When she remained reluctant to give him money, the rapper said he had her nude pictures from the strip poker tryst.

In messages that followed, the rapper asked her for increasing amounts, of $250, then $400, with Tzire eventually raising the amount to $1,000. He added that the money was to pay his debt of $3,100 to loan sharks.

The woman said she never gave him any money and that same day, she made a police report. Police have confirmed the report and said investigations are ongoing. The girl said she broke down when Tzire told her about the photos.

"I cried. I didn't know what to do, I couldn't sleep, it was a traumatising experience," she said. She added that he messaged her later and said he was very sorry for blackmailing her and that he "took down the picture already".

She said she did not know if Tzire had uploaded the picture online. When asked why she agreed to play strip poker with him, she said he "was cute and spoke with an ang moh slang".

She said: "Why must he do this to me? His parents are well off, they live in a big flat. Why must he take money from loan sharks or me? "I don't want to ruin his life, but I hope he learns from this.

"I can only hope that the police stop him from ever releasing those photos, if they exist." She said she had not consented to Tzire taking nude photographs of her. When contacted, Tzire said he was arrested on Wednesday night and released on Thursday morning.

He added that he has to report back to the police in two weeks. "I can't hide anything. I made a mistake and I want to apologise," he said. "I want to apologise to my parents and close friends, and also to the girl if I've caused any hurt to her."

He admitted to blackmailing the woman and said that the police had confiscated his mobile phone. He declined to reveal why he had borrowed money from loan sharks and whether he still owed them.

- The New Paper


Interior designer gets 18 months for molesting women in wee hours

An interior designer who molested three women in HDB lifts and a void deck during the wee hours was sentenced to 18 months' jail on Friday.

Lee Yok Kok, 39, a Malaysian, who pleaded guilty to four charges, was spared caning as a psychiatric report showed that he was suffering from major depression.

Assistant Public Prosecutor Lydia Goh told the court that a 24-year-old woman had returned from a drinking session at about 3.25am on Nov 30, 2013, when Lee followed her into the lift of a block at Serangoon Central Drive.

When the lift door opened at the fifth floor, the victim began to head out when Lee grabbed her left butt cheek from behind. She turned to stare at him but did not confront him further.

Surprised that she did not react, Lee followed her out of the lift and then touched her chest before running off.

On Sept 10, 2011, Lee followed a 22-year-old woman into a lift after she came home from clubbing.

When the lift doors reached the ninth floor, he groped her. She screamed and he let go of her immediately.

The victim came out of the lift and shouted for help.

She held onto the lift door to stop Lee from getting away. He pushed her hand away from the door, and the lift went up to the 12th floor.

On May 5 that year, a 23-year-old Malaysian woman who took her company transport home alighted at Serangoon Central around 3.50am.

At the void deck of Block 2109, she passed Lee who was walking in the opposite direction. Lee suddenly turned and molested her.

She pushed his hands away and shouted at him to go away.

Lee's sentence was deferred until July 3 for him to attend to a project. He could have been jailed for up to two years, fined, caned or received any combined punishment.

- The Straits Times

Man put on probation for taking upskirt video and having obscene films

A 20-year-old man was placed on 15 months' probation on Friday for taking an upskirt video of a woman - and having more than 1,100 obscene films stored in his cellphone and laptop.

Gan Wey Ian was a full-time national serviceman (NSF) when he committed three insulting modesty offences in Tampines and one Films Act offence on Oct 10 last year.

The former Anglo-Chinese Junior College student was described by his lawyer Chia Boon Teck as a "straight A" student for his O and A levels except for one subject.

The court was told that Gan had booked out of army camp and went to Tampines 1 shopping mall to kill time.

He was on the escalator leading from fourth to fifth floor when he saw the 24-year-old victim and her two friends ahead of him.

He decided to take an upskirt video of her using his mobile phone - but her female friend caught him in the act and called the police. Police arrested him and seized his mobile phone.

They raided his home at Mount Sinai Rise and seized his laptop for investigation. Further forensic investigations were done on the seized phone and laptop which were found to have more than 1,127 obscene films.

Gan, who has just completed his full-time national service, has been diagnosed with impulse control disorder.

Sentencing him to 15 months' probation, District Judge Luke Tan ordered Gan to remain indoors from 10pm to 6am, attend an offence-specific treatment programme, perform 80 hours of community service and banned from any image-capturing device.

Gan's parents executed a $5,000 bond to ensure his good behaviour.

The maximum penalty for insulting modesty is one year's jail and a fine. Gan could have been fined up to $1,000, but not to exceed in the aggregate $40,000, for each obscene film or jailed for up to 12 months or to both.

- The Straits Times

Welder jailed three weeks for molesting woman on MRT train

A welder who squeezed the buttock of a woman on board an MRT train was jailed for three weeks on Thursday.

Malaysian Yu Ah Ching, 46, pleaded guilty to outraging the modesty of a 23-year-old yoga instructor at Buona Vista MRT station on Oct 4 last year during the evening peak period.

A court heard that Yu and the victim were on a crowded train heading towards Buona Vista MRT station at about 5.35pm that day.

When Yu saw that the victim was alighting, he decided to take the opportunity to molest her.

He stood behind her and used his right hand to squeeze her buttock as they were exiting the MRT.

The victim felt outraged and immediately elbowed Yu. She turned around and shouted at him: "Hey you touched me!"

But Yu ignored her and walked away quickly, hoping she would not pursue the matter further. But the victim continued to follow him, and called the police.

She also managed to take some photographs of Yu before he boarded another MRT train towards Joo Koon.

Yu was subsequently traced by the police and arrested on Nov 28 last year.

Lawyer Gino Hardial Singh, who acted for Yu under the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme, said his client was remorseful and regretted his action.

"It happened on the spur of the moment, and he had fallen into temptation," he said.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Chee Ee Ling said the offence was committed on an MRT train, a regular mode of public transport for the masses. A signal should be sent to deter like-minded opportunistic offenders, she added.

"Commuters should feel safe while travelling on public transport,'' she said.

Annual police statistics showed that the number of outrage of modesty cases on board MRT trains and in open areas increased to 1,367 last year, an rise of 3.2 per cent from 2013.

District Judge Christopher Goh backdated Yu's sentence to his remand on May 19, which means Yu should be released on Thursday.

He could have been jailed for up to two years, fined, caned or received any combined punishment.

- The Straits Times

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