Security guard placed on 15-month probation for having sex with runaway girl, 13

A former security guard was placed on probation for 15 months on Thursday after he admitted having sex with a 13-year-old girl who had run away from home.

Muhammad Rohaizad Muhammad Razali, 20, is the third of four men to be dealt with for having sex with the minor, who fell pregnant and had to have an abortion.

He befriended her on Facebook and asked her to be his girlfriend. She agreed and they had sex six times over the next month at a HDB staircase landing.

He pleaded guilty to two of six offences committed between Feb 8 and March 8 and said he did not use protection on either occasion.

Muhammad Rohaiza was also ordered to perform 120 hours of community service and remain indoors between 10pm and 6am. His parents have to sign a $5,000 bond to ensure his good behaviour.

The court heard that during his month-long relationship with the girl, who is now 14, Muhammad Rohaizad would meet her almost every day near his home in Yishun. All of their sexual encounters took place in the staircase landing of a HDB block there.

Musa Ahmad, 23, and Muhammad Nur Hakim Abdullah, 21 - who were dealt with previously - each received a year in jail.

A fourth man, Muhammad Sharul Shah Saruwan, 20, will be sentenced on Dec 24.

The maximum penalty for having sex with a person under 16 is 10 years in jail and a fine.

- The Straits Times

1 in 3 have sex less than once a month: Poll

ABOUT a third of nearly 300 people polled recently said they have sex less than once a month.

This is less than the once a week or once a fortnight frequency that many patients find ideal, said Dr Colin Teo, president of the Society for Men's Health Singapore (SMHS).

"It could be due to stress, logistical issues like staying in a small home with kids and in-laws, or things like erectile dysfunction (ED)," said Dr Teo, head of the urology department of Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

The survey, whose results were released yesterday, had asked Singapore residents aged above 25 about their sexual behaviour and attitudes towards ED.

About 27 per cent said they had sex one to three times a month, 22 per cent did so once to thrice a week, and 16 per cent had sex more than thrice a week. Almost half the respondents were above 41.

About nine in 10 men said they would seek medical help for ED. And almost nine in 10 women said they would encourage their partners to do so.

"People are less afraid to seek help because of better public education across the years. Erectile dysfunction has become less of a stigma," said Dr Teo. Past treatments involved injections or pumps but have now moved towards tablets, which could be less intimidating, he added.

"Fewer patients hem and haw and are shy to tell you their sexual problems," Dr Teo said. Next year, the SMHS will issue guidelines on ED treatment to 3,000 general practitioners and specialists, said Dr Ronny Tan, a Tan Tock Seng Hospital urologist and SMHS member.

"ED shares similar risk factors to cardiovascular diseases," he said, adding: "Patients with erectile dysfunction should alert a physician to screen for the latter."

- The Straits Times


Man jailed for underage sex with secondary school student

Just three days after getting to know a secondary school student through online chat service QQ, Qiu Shuihua took the 14-year-old to a makeshift office near his workplace and touched her private part.

The 23-year-old Chinese national repeated the act two days later when they were at his HDB flat in Boon Lay, and pressured her into having sex with him twice.

On Monday, Qiu was sentenced to four months' jail for underage sex with the minor in 2012, whose age he had been aware of from her QQ profile. He pleaded guilty to two of four counts against him, with the rest taken into consideration.

The court heard that Qiu, then 21 and a production operator with an engineering firm, had met the student in person multiple times in the days after becoming acquainted with her on QQ on Nov 11.

When they met at his workplace in Bukit Batok Crescent on Nov 14, she gave him a pendant with the Chinese character for love on it as a token of her affection for him. Qiu then brought the girl into a container office just outside his workplace, where he committed the first sex act on her.

Two days later, the girl agreed to have sex with him at his flat in Block 262 Boon Lay Drive after he said they might as well break up if she was unwilling.

Passing sentence, District Judge Toh Yung Cheong said there was an element of exploitation since Qiu had committed the offences after knowing the girl for a few days.

Pleading for leniency, defence counsel Laurence Goh said his client has lost his job and would likely be deported back home after serving his sentence.

Qiu had been sending back most of his salary to his parents in China since starting work here in 2011, the lawyer added. He is staying with his girlfriend, who has forgiven him for what he did.

For each count of underage sex with the girl, who is now 16, Qiu could have been been jailed for up to 10 years and fined.

- The Straits Times


Cabby jailed 2 years for molesting teen in backseat while driving

A TAXI driver who was behind the wheel of a manual transmission cab managed to molest a student even though she was in the backseat.

Yesterday, Ngiam Meng Keng, a 60-year-old former Trans-Cab driver, was given the mandatory minimum sentence of two years' jail for causing wrongful restraint while molesting the victim on May 29.

The teenager got into Ngiam's taxi near Lakeside MRT station at about 4pm that day. Her destination was the Lot 1 mall in Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4. She sat behind the front passenger seat.

During the journey, Ngiam tried to strike up a conversation with the teen.

He introduced himself as "Michael", and asked her which school she went to and whether she had a boyfriend. He then touched the victim's hand, and told her that "I like you this kind of girl (sic)".

He continued to hold her hand, letting go of it only occasionally, when he had to change gears.

Ngiam also asked her to kiss him on the cheek and dial his mobile phone number to give him a missed call. Fearing for her safety, the victim did as she was asked.

The cabby then went on to touch her knees and rub her thighs. The victim did not react as she was shocked and afraid that he would drive her somewhere else.

While the taxi was along Kranji Expressway, he pulled her towards him and kissed her hand. He then slowed his taxi, turned around and kissed her on the ear. The victim pulled away, but he continued to hold on to her hand.

He then told her to kiss him and she did so out of fear. Ngiam also asked if she wanted to sit in the front passenger seat, but she declined. He continued to touch her leg.

After the victim arrived at the taxi stand of Lot 1 mall, she immediately informed her form teacher and aunt about the incident. She also made a police report.

This is not Ngiam's first brush with the law. Last December, he was fined a total of $3,000 on two counts of molesting a 19-year-old girl, with a third charge of molesting a woman taken into consideration.

Highlighting aggravating factors, Deputy Public Prosecutor Kelly Ho told District Judge Chay Yuen Fatt that Ngiam was a recalcitrant offender and that the victim was entirely in his control, pointing out the rather lengthy period of molestation. The court heard that the molestation lasted for 14 minutes.

A Trans-Cab spokesman said Ngiam was hired in March last year and terminated in June this year following a complaint by the victim.

She added that the operator was unaware of the December conviction as Ngiam's licence was not revoked and no complaint was made.

Ngiam could have been jailed between two and 10 years for the offence.

- The Straits Times


Man gets probation for molesting five girls in Jurong West and Choa Chu Kang

A young man was spared a prison sentence and given a shot at rehabilitation after molesting five young girls in two housing estates last year.

Ng Lin Kun, 21, then a full-time national serviceman, was found to have an IQ of 75 which is in the borderline intellectual disability range.

A probation officer had initially not recommended him for probation but found him suitable in a further report following a psychological assessment on Ng.

The prosecution had sought reformative training - which ranges between 18 months and three years behind bars - for Ng, given aggravating factors in the case.

Ng had admitted to three of five counts of molesting girls aged between 10 and 17 in Jurong West housing estate between March and July last year.

A district court had heard that Ng approached a 10-year-old girl walking along a corridor of an HDB block on March 9 last year. He wanted to befriend her, and asked if she had a boyfriend and whether he could hug her. She rejected him and walked away.

He then grabbed her from behind, pulled her to the rubbish chute area and molested her. She struggled and broke free.

A month later on April 9, he followed a 13-year-old girl from the lift when she exited. He asked for her contact number and whether she had a boyfriend.

The girl ignored him. He hugged her, grabbed her breast and kissed her on the cheek. Shocked and outraged, she ran to seek help while he ran down the stairs.

The court heard he molested a 17-year-old polytechnic student by grabbing her arms, kissing her on the lips and grabbing her breast over her clothes in a lift at Jurong West on July 31. He had waited for when he saw her returning home from school.

The victim ignored him and walked to her flat. After placing her school bag, she closed the main door intending to go downstairs to open the letter box. She saw Ng still waiting for her. He then entered the lift and molested her.

Ng, represented by Mr Anil Singh, was arrested by the police in August last year.

District Judge Ng Peng Hong ordered him to undergo 24 months' probation, remain indoors from 11pm to 6am, perform 180 hours of community service and continue with his counselling and treatment. His parents and wife signed a $5,000 bond to ensure his good behaviour.

Ng, who works as a warehouse assistant, could have been jailed for up to five years, fined, caned or received any combined punishment for molesting a girl below 14 years old. The maximum penalty for molestation is two years' jail, fine and caning.

- The Straits Times


Traffic cop jailed 15 months for underage sex with 13-year-old girl

A traffic policeman who had sex with a 13-year-old girl was jailed for 15 months on Wednesday.

Faisal Amry Abdul Rahman, 26, who faced six sexual offences and one of criminal trespass into a female toilet, pleaded guilty to two charges of sexual penetration of a minor.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Eunice Lau told the court that Faisal Amry befriended the victim sometime in late 2011 over the online social network known as iMesh.

The victim told him that she was 13 years old and a Secondary 1 student, while he told her he was in his 20s.

On Jan 16, 2012, the victim asked Faisal Amry to pick her up after school. He fetched the victim, who was in her school uniform, at an HDB carpark in Jurong West.

He drove her to Choa Chu Kang Chinese cemetery where they became intimate in the car. They then moved to the back seat where she performed oral sex on him before he had unprotected sex.

About two weeks later, he sent her a text message asking her to meet him.

On Jan 26 that year, he fetched her on his scooter. He took the victim, who was in her school uniform, to Jurong Hill Park where she performed oral sex on him in a female toilet cubicle.

He is the third man to have been convicted and sentenced for having sex with the girl, who was in Secondary 1 at the time.

The two who were jailed for having sex with the same girl are Mohammed Aziz Mohammad Berkit, 36, who was given two years' jail, and Khairul Fahmi Norisham, 24, who got 12 months. Both men, who were convicted in October last year, had another similar charge each taken into consideration.

Faisal's lawyer N Sudha Nair said since the charges were brought against her client, he realised that his future with the Singapore Police Force and civil service was bleak. He had been attending courses to better himself so that he would be able to integrate into society after serving his sentence.

She said he was remorseful for what he had done and lost much as a result of his foolish actions and poor judgment.

He could have been jailed for up to 10 years and/or fined on each charge of having sex with a person under 16 years old.

- The Straits Times

Man jailed six years for sex with stepdaughter, who delivered boy

A man who had sex with his elder stepdaughter about twice a month over a two-year period was jailed for six years on Thursday.

The girl was 14 when she had consensual sex with her stepfather in July 2011. She gave birth to a boy earlier this year.

A district court heard that she did not realise she was pregnant even when her abdomen was growing larger in August last year.

The accused, now 28, also noticed her growing abdomen and asked her about it. She told him that she did not have any symptoms of pregnancy.

He did nothing further and continued having sex with her, said Deputy Public Prosecutor James Low. By the time she saw a doctor at a polyclinic in October last year, she was 21 weeks pregnant.

The court heard that the accused, then a senior sales advisor, was a father of one and a divorcee when he married the victim's mother in early 2009. His 33-year-old wife, who is a sales representative, has three daughters, including the victim from her first marriage, and a four-year-old with the accused.

The accused pleaded guilty to nine of 45 charges.

Investigations revealed that on July 31, 2011, he was watching pornography online at home when the victim saw this and asked what he was doing. He asked her if she was interested to have sex with him and she agreed.

They had sex on eight other occasions from September 2011 to February last year.

The court heard that the accused continues to live in the Housing Board flat with the victim and her family.

Among the aggravating factors cited by Mr Low were an abuse of trust; the offences happened in the sanctity of the home when other family members were either out or sleeping; the sex was unprotected, and the offences happened over a long period of time.

Defence counsel Mohan Das Naidu said his client is now unemployed and does odd jobs by helping his aged father. He said the victim did not complain to anyone and his client had shown remorse by pleading guilty.

The accused could have been jailed for up to 10 years and/or fined on each charge.

- The Straits Times


12 years' jail for paedophile who committed 27 sexual offences on five primary school boys

A serial paedophile was sentenced to 12 years in prison on Monday for 27 sexual offences he had committed in 2012 and last year on five primary school boys, in a case of sexual exploitation that the court called "heinous" and "abhorrent".

Lok Kwok, 59, lured the boys into his Bukit Batok flat with promises of computer games and television. Over four months, he got them to touch or kiss him, had a seven-year-old perform oral sex on him, and took photographs and videos as keepsakes.

To keep them happy, he gave them gifts including a toy gun, game cards and a red packet containing cash.

Lok was caught after a school counsellor made a police report. He was sentenced after pleading guilty to seven charges under the Children and Young Persons Act and one under the Penal Code, with 19 other various offences taken into consideration.

Passing sentence on Monday, Community Court Judge Lim Keng Yeow said: "I am mindful that the sentence against (Lok) must reflect the extent to which we as a society utterly denounce such heinous conduct and want to see our children protected from such abhorrent acts."

Judge Lim noted how Lok had told his psychiatrist he had not used force to get the children to perform the acts, but said this was not a mitigating factor. "No amount of readiness on the part of the children to do what he asked could ever excuse Mr Lok's actions", the judge said.

The maximum penalty for sexually penetrating someone under the age of 14 is a jail term of 20 years, and a fine or caning. For each count of committing or procuring an indecent act with a child, Lok could have been jailed for up to five years and fined up to $10,000.

- The Straits Times

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