Full-time national serviceman with SCDF jailed for underage sex and desertion

A full-time national serviceman with the Singapore Civil Defence Force was sentenced to 12 months' jail on Tuesday for underage sex and desertion.

Khairul Juperi, 24, who is married with two young children, pleaded guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl with her consent in a shelter near Pandan Reservoir last November.

He also admitted to deserting his national service duty at the Civil Defence Academy (CDA) at Jalan Bahar for five months and 24 days from May last year.

The court heard that Khairul and the girl were chatting in a shelter near Pandan Reservoir sometime in November last year when they ended up having sex.

The offence came to light when a police officer from the Clementi Police Division was investigating a "missing person" report involving the teen and she revealed that she had sex with a 23-year-old man.

A police report was lodged on Nov 15. Investigations revealed that Khairul was posted to CDA to continue his national service duty from September 2012 until further notice.

But he failed to report for duty on May 21 last year and continued to be absent without leave until his arrest on Nov 14.

District Judge Mathew Joseph chided him for his "deplorable" conduct, and said that she should be ashamed of himself, as a married man with children.

As for the desertion charge, the judge noted that this was the third time he was appearing before the court and warned that Khairul could face a very stiff sentence if he appeared in court another time.

Khairul, who was jailed twice before for desertion in 2010 and 2012, applied to defer his sentence to sort out accommodation issues.

A bail amount of $15,000 was allowed and he is due to surrender himself to the authorities on May 12. He could have been jailed for up to 10 years and/or fined for underage sex. For desertion, the maximum penalty is 10 years' jail. - See more at:

- The New Paper


Man jailed for obscene act in public

A 27-year-old man has been jailed for a day and fined S$2,000 for rubbing his private parts on the face of a woman in public.

Ho Jue Ting Adonas committed the obscene act at the outdoors seating area of a restaurant in Tanjong Pagar, on December 20, 2013.

Ho was having dinner with a woman — whose identity cannot be published — at about 5.30pm that day.

At about 11pm, after having alcohol, Ho started misbehaving and disturbing other customers at the restaurant.

Ho also pulled down his pants and pushed the woman’s head towards his groin, and refused to stop despite being warned by the restaurant manager.

During sentencing, District Judge Low Wee Ping told Ho what he had done was “shocking”.

The judge said such an act would have attracted caning if the charge had been categorised as an outrage of modesty.

Ho was charged with committing an obscene act in public — an offence that carries a maximum penalty of three months’ jail and a fine.

In passing the sentence, the judge said he wanted Ho to have a taste of how it feels like to be behind bars.

He also urged Ho to give up drinking alcohol as he seems to be unable to control himself after being drunk.

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Security officer jailed 10 months for sex with 15-year-old student

A security officer who had sex five times with a 15-year-old student was sentenced to 10 months' jail on Thursday.

Desmond Tan Jun Wei, 24, admitted to two charges of having sex with the girl at his home in Jurong West Street 64 in February last year. Three other charges were considered during his sentencing.

A district court heard that Tan and the girl came to know each other through some mutual friends in November 2012. They then entered into a relationship.

Sometime in February last year, the girl went to his home. He asked if he could have sex with her and she consented.

On a fifth occasion, the victim went to his flat and again had unprotected sex.

They broke up after that. She informed her school counsellor about what had happened between her and Tan.

She made a police report on March 1 at Jurong West Neighbourhood Police Centre, stating that she was raped.

Tan's lawyer, Mr Patrick Fernandez, said his client had not planned to seduce the victim for sexual exploitation.

The age disparity between them was not particularly wide, he added.

Tan is out on $15,000 bail. He was allowed to defer his sentence until April 24.

He could have been jailed for up to 10 years and/or fined on each charge.

- The Straits Times

Man cleared of having paid sex with minor

A prostitute's bloodshot eyes deterred a businessman from having sex with her, and yesterday he was cleared of having commercial sex with the underage girl.

Mr Ng Kheng Siang was the first of 12 men to claim trial in an online vice ring case, which has seen eight others jailed for up to 12 weeks after they admitted having paid for sex with the girl, who was 16 at the time.

The 44-year-old - a former chief executive of an environmental engineering company - was accused of paying the youngster $330 for sexual services at Hotel Nostalgia in Tiong Bahru Road in February last year.

During a trial over six days which began last November, Mr Ng maintained that no sex took place because he was put off by the girl's appearance, behaviour and demeanour - in particular her very bloodshot eyes.

The court heard that he lay on the bed in the hotel room answering his mobile and waited 20 minutes for the minor to emerge from the bathroom.

After seeing her bloodshot eyes again, he became uncomfortable and decided not to continue.

However, the minor testified that she remembered having sex with Mr Ng because of his "smart" attire, his height - he is over 1.75m tall - and he was the only client to tip her.

In his verdict, District Judge Lim Keng Yeow said the key fact in dispute was whether the minor and Mr Ng actually engaged in sexual intercourse.

While her evidence on the occurrence of sex was clear, various other parts of her evidence were not so, he said. Judge Lim said the fact that she could not recall key facts seemed to indicate that she was hiding something or there were sizeable and strange gaps in her recollection.

The judge also found her evidence about tipping "doubtful" and her testimony about payment inconsistent.

Describing aspects of her evidence as "perplexing, unreliable and doubtful", he said: "A conviction based on it would, in the circumstances, be wholly unsafe."

Judge Lim also found the existence of Mr Ng's telephone conversations was "in conflict with the minor's evidence" and also raised doubts in his mind as to whether sex occurred.

The minor was tricked by pimp Malcolm Graham Head, 33, into believing that she was going to be a social escort with "fast cash" and "high pay". Later, she realised that she was to provide sexual services of all kinds to clients.

When she did not want to serve them, she would be fed Ice to keep her awake or assaulted by Head and his then girlfriend Veronica Patricia Rio, 19. Earlier this year, Head was given seven years' corrective training and seven strokes of the cane plus a 16-year driving ban, while Rio was sent for reformative training.

Mr Ng's lawyers - Senior Counsel Tan Chee Meng, Ms Melanie Ho, Mr Paul Loy and Ms Jocelyn Ngiam - said their client was pleased with the outcome but the episode had affected his career and family. He relinquished his position because of the case.

"While he is not proud of the services he sought, he has always maintained he did not engage in sexual activity with the escort nor was he aware of her actual age," they said in a statement. "The acquittal vindicates his position, which he has maintained since the start of investigations."

- The Straits Times


Undergraduate jailed for a year for sex with 14-year-old boy

A man who had sex with a 14-year-old student was sentenced to a year in jail on Wednesday.

Suhaimi Shamsudin, 24, who is appealing against the sentence, pleaded guilty in January to two counts of oral sex with the minor at Housing Board staircase landings in October 2012.

Six other charges, including committing an obscene act, were considered during his sentencing.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Sharmila Sripathy-Shanaz had told the court that Suhaimi, who was a Nanyang Technological University student, and the minor met through a mobile applications in early October 2012.

The minor subsequently told Shamsudin he was 14 years old although his profile listed him as 17, the minimum age required to use the application.

One week after befriending each other, the minor suggested meeting in person. Suhaimi agreed.

They met at Block 484 Admiralty Link and proceeded to the staircase landing on the 15th floor where Suhaimi had oral sex with the minor after performing some sexual acts on him.

They met again at an unknown HDB block near the minor's school the second time that month.

The incidents came to light when the minor, uneasy about his sexual inclination and experiences, confided in a police officer whom he had befriended.

He made a police report on Jan 3 last year stating that he had engaged in "unnatural sex with two male subjects'' between October and December 2012.

District Judge Mathew Joseph said the court found it disturbing that Suhaimi proceeded to meet the minor after the teen's true age was disclosed.

"Your subsequent sexual acts with the victim were, therefore, the conscious and calculated decisions of a mature adult,'' he said.

The maximum penalty for the offence is 10 years' jail and a fine on each charge.

- The Straits Times

Man jailed 30 months for underage sex with teen

A former customer service officer was jailed for 30 months on Tuesday for having sex with a 15-year-old girl.

Chee Wei Tong, 24, who faced 10 charges, had admitted to three counts of underage sex at his Kang Ching Road flat and at a staircase landing of an HDB block in August 2012.

Chee, who was a grassroots volunteer at Punggol 21 community centre, is the fourth man to have been convicted and jailed for having sex with the girl.

His sentence is the stiffest to date.

The court heard that Chee came to know the girl in mid-2012 when she created an account on OkCupid, a dating and social networking website.

In the course of texting, she told him she was only 15 years old.

He told her that he had a girlfriend and practised polyamory - the philosophy of being romantically involved with multiple individuals at the same time.

He also told her that he had a fetish for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism, and encouraged the girl, then a virgin, to read up on this group of erotic practices, called BDSM in short. She complied.

The girl turned up at his home on Aug 1, 2012 when he had sex with her for the first time. He also had kinky sex with her by slapping her face and buttocks a number of times and choking her lightly.

During the second week, she went to his home where she performed oral sex on him. They met a third and final time between end-August and early September the same year when he took her to an HDB block in Punggol for sexual activities.

District Judge Hamidah Ibrahim noted that the girl went on to have sex with four other men after Chee. She agreed with the prosecution that Chee had morally corrupted the girl. She also agreed with the prosecution that there had been aggravating factors.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Sharmila Sripathy-Shanaz had said Chee treated the minor as a sexual plaything and had to be held accountable for his base, irresponsible and illicit actions.

Chee, who is married, could have been jailed for up to 10 years and/or fined on each charge of having sex with a person aged below 16 years old.

- The Straits Times


Construction worker jailed six months for theft and molestation

A construction worker was jailed for six months on Thursday for molestation, theft and criminal trespass.

Indian national Palanisami Mohankumar, 27, pleaded guilty to stealing a mobile phone from the Housing Board flat of Ms Mek Phin Ap Eh Wang, 35, along Yishun Street 22 on Sept 29, 2012.

He also admitted to touching the thigh of an 11-year-old girl through her flat's common corridor window in Little India last Aug 30; and committing criminal trespass at a unit in Bedok Reservoir Road on Sept 17 last year.

A district court heard that Palanisamy was walking around the Yishun block past midnight on Sept 29, 2012 when he found the sliding window of Ms Mek's unit not properly secured. He then stole her mobile phone which was lying on the table.

On Aug 30 last year at about 3am, the 11-year-old girl woke up when she felt someone touching her on the thigh. She saw Palanisami standing outside her half-opened window. She did not scream as she was scared, but slapped his hand.

Palanisami then retracted his hand and fled.

Since then, she has slept with her grandmother in another room.

Her father called the police on Sept 16 stating that he suspected his daughter had been molested a couple of times in her room.

Forensic examination was conducted on the window, and some fingerprints found were traced to Palanisami.

The court heard that the next day, Palanisami went to a unit at Bedok Reservoir Road and forced open the window, intending to steal but left when he could not find anything. Lawyer S. Radakrishnan said Palanisami was motivated by an intention to steal out of hunger and desperation.

The court backdated his sentence to Oct 5 last year.

- The Straits Times


Man gets 12 weeks' jail for insulting modesty of teen and peeping at her

A man was jailed 12 weeks on Wednesday for insulting the modesty of a teenager.

Mohamed Haryfan Mohd Razali, 21, who faced four charges, admitted to uttering words with intent to insult the modesty of the 19-year-old in 2011, and for peeping at her on May 12 last year.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Joshua Lim said in July 2011, Haryfan was at the void deck of his block in Pasir Ris when he saw the victim walking past him and was instantly attracted to her looks. He saw her enter her unit and took note of the address.

From then until his arrest in May last year, he visited the teen's home six to eight times, causing the family much distress. The victim and her 44-year-old mother made numerous police reports but were unable to ascertain his identity.

Eventually, police installed a pin-hole camera outside her unit in March last year. The footage captured on the camera led to Haryfan's arrest on May 18.

Mr Lim said on Aug 3, 2011, the victim was about to sleep sometime past 1am when she heard a sound coming from the direction of her room window.

The victim put on her glasses and ran to her mother's bedroom. They saw the silhouette of Haryfan moving along the corridor.

Haryfan meddled with the main door, which swung open by about 15cm.

When the victim's mother shouted in Malay, 'Who was that?', Haryfan replied: "Nak main boleh tak'' which means "Can (I) have sex".

On May 12 last year, the victim was sleeping at around 5am when she was awakened by a sound from the room window. She saw the face of a man peeping at her through the top window pane. Overcome by fear, she began to cry and covered herself with her blanket. She called her mother on the mobile phone.

Investigations showed that Haryfan was on his way home when he decided to peep at the victim. He stood on a chair outside her room and used his cellphone screen to shine into the room. He could have been jailed for up to one year and/or fined on each charge of insulting modesty.

- The Straits Times

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